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Thank you for taking an interest in hosting a Panel at Central City Comic Con (C4) 2018! Once you have collected all the information necessary for your submission, please submit this form by July 30th, 2018, though early submissions are certainly appreciated. A member of our Panel Team will contact you regarding your submission on or before Aug. 30th, 2018. If selected, you will be asked to provide more information to help us prepare, showcase, and publicize your session.

All C4 Panelists and Moderators must be 18 years of age or older.

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prefer – we cannot guarantee that your preferences will be met.

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Panels fall under specific categories. Please denote which panel you are wanting to host based on the below descriptors:

PANEL: These are fan discussions, local professional presentations, game shows, improv or in-character performances and other types of sessions typically involving audience interactions (from Q&A to active participation).

VIDEO: Presentations with more than 70% video, including those with commentary.

EVENT: Live performance or dance with minimal to no audience participation, or competition. This includes concerts and other live shows.

WORKSHOP: Hands on workshops where the presenters teach or interact with attendees. These require either tables or open floor space.

OTHER: Please explain, in detail, in the Additional Information field.

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Please list all the presenters for this session. If the General Public knows a presenter by his/her screen name, handle, pen name, etc., please take that in to consideration when completing this information.

Include the Company, Product, or Group that the presenters are representing when applicable.

All C4 Panelists must be 18 years of age or older.

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Technical Requirements

This is the most commonly miscommunicated information from our programming submissions. We want to ensure your event goes smoothly and can not do that if we do not get these details from you.

The standard setup for a Panel room is a head table with 2-4 table microphones for presenters, audio speakers for the microphones, a projector with a screen, and the audience chairs in a theater style setup. Please specify any variations to this standard, as well as what equipment you will be bringing (laptop, DVD player, CD player, etc.) and what outputs your equipment has. **Mac users, please bring your own adapters** You will also need to let us know in advance if you expect to have audio output from any device other than the microphones provided. If you have any tech or logistic requirements, please contact our Panel Admin: to go over the details.

Tech Request:

Additional Comments for C4 Staff:

I understand C4 provides Panelists complimentary admission for up to two presenters including Moderators. Additional passes will need to be purchased through the C4 website. Please keep in mind that C4 might sell out of tickets weeks prior to the event. C4 does not pay speaking fees nor does it cover travel, lodging, or meals.

I understand that this application does not guarantee me a Panel slot at C4, and instead only registers my request to hold a Panel at the event. I also understand that, if accepted, Panel times are chosen based on availability. C4 reserves the right to adjust the time and/or location of my panel at any time.

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