Cosplay Chess!!!

Watch all your favorite characters battle it out for supremacy.

Call for Cosplayers!! If you wish to sign up to be a chess piece, player or special attacker; please fill out the form on the right.  If selected, you will be required to attend practice sessions prior to the event. 


  • No original characters
  • All fighting in Cosplay Chess is pretending and acting! No use of excessive force is allowed. No contact between players is preferred but very light contact will be permitted. Please be careful when using props!
  • Participation in Cosplay Chess assumes all participants are fully aware of any risks involved. Central City Comic Con will not be held responsible if any injury is to occur during the event.
  • Cosplay chess players will be chosen based on a juried system by the C4 planning committee.  There will be a waiting list after all player spots have been filled. Those on a waiting list will replace players in the case someone does not show up for the event.
  • The pieces to be played are traditional chess pieces (King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, Pawn). We will try to consider what pieces the player desires to be, but there is no guarantee on any specific position. Do not be deterred if you do not get your preferred spot; we attempt to make sure all pieces are used so everyone gets to participate.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the rules for the convention, especially the weapons policy.
  • Be a good sport and have fun!

Rules are subject to change by the discretion of the Central City staff.

Apply to be a part of cosplay chess


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Is your character*:

What is your character's origin*:

Describe your character* (Be Sure to Describe Looks and Personality):

I am interested in being* (Check all that apply):

Does your character have any special attacks that you'd like to use?

If so, what? (describe in full detail)

Does your special attack involve other characters?

If so, who?

Do you have access to these characters? (If so, an additional application must be submitted)

If available, please upload a photo of you in costume.

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