2nd Annual Central City Comic Con

Friday, Oct. 14th 2016 - Sunday, Oct. 16th 2016
Yakima Convention Center, Yakima WA.

Yakima’s Comic Book and Pop Culture Convention.  2015 was Central City’s inaugural year, bringing in 2,772 attendees and hundreds of out of town guests throughout the three-day weekend. The event inspired an excitement and sense of community the likes of which the Yakima Valley has never seen! Celebrities, costumes, artists, gaming, educational panels, demonstrations, and SO MUCH FUN.


Sidekicks Needed

We're searching for some stellar Sidekicks (staff) to help make C4 a success.  If you're 18+, have a love for cons, and wont be able to rest until this event is an outstanding success; We are looking for you!! Please take a moment to fill out our application.   

A Message from the Organizers, 2016:

At Central City Comic Con we’re extremely concerned with longevity and standing out from a sea of comic conventions that seem to pop up constantly. We've attended several conventions over the past year and are going to exhaust all of our vacation time attending many more throughout the year in an effort to see and feel what truly engages attendees and makes a unique convention experience that creates success for the con.

We will never be ECCC or Sakura-Con. We are local and we want to remain local for the foreseeable future. How then do we position ourselves to remain true to our comic con roots while giving attendees what they want?

This is our answer: We focus on the experience. Attendees want a place to be themselves, interact in several different ways, shop, have the opportunity to try new things and have the freedom to enjoy everything within a safe and secure environment.

Although this seems like a simple idea, it is a bold one, in a direction that most cons shy away from. Focusing on bringing in big stars and celeb guests is not financially sustainable and only serves to drive up the cost of tickets and operating costs. We will have celebs that appeal to our broad base of attendees, however this will never be our main focus. We will set a budget each year and we will operate within that limited budget to bring unique talent that we feel is worth our attendees' money.

We plan to for C4 to stick around for many years. We feel the best way to use any future monetary resources is to invest it back into our attendees rather than the pockets of celebrities.

What does this look like? It looks like events, activities and gaming on a grand scale. Think of it as a weekend of Comic Con Camp with each day packed with fun and exciting opportunities to enjoy. The below list is the start of our aggressive and ambitious plan to stand out from the sea of conventions. Although most cons have some of these things, C4 will excel and strive to be the best at all of these.

Group Photoshoots & Meet Ups |  Cosplay How-To’s | Video Game Tournaments | Game Shows | Masquerade Contest | Karaoke Contest | Magic The Gathering Tournament | Lolita Tea Party | SCA/Medieval Demo | Pro Bending Tournament | Cosplay Chess | Awards Ceremonies | Scavenger Hunt | Murder Mystery | Trivia Contest | Fanart Contest | Fanfiction Contest | 18+ Speed Dating | 21+ Cosplay Pub Crawl | 21+ Dia De Los Muertos Dance

We’re a young con, but we’re poised to do great things for our attendees, vendors and our city. We’re passionate and we’re not afraid to take a path less traveled so that our attendees will travel it with us year after year and bring their friends along too. :)